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You want to put your money to work for you rather than just you working for it

but you have no idea where to start.

It sounds complex

A whole load of mathematical equations

It seems risky

Putting hard earned money & lifesavings at risk

It looks long

Waiting months and years to see profit

Well, we've made it...


All you need is to know is your numbers, colours and alphabet


We practice responsible Risk Management techniques to help turn a little into a lot


Our strategy is built to have realise Profits in minutes



Our motive is to make trading accessible and viable for all through simplicity

1 Strategy
2 Ways to trade - TimeBased & DistanceBased
3 Steps of analysis


The culture of our community is established on the principle that "it is better to give than to receive", with points & prizes being given to members for their contribution. This ensures that you will get an abundance of trade ideas, inspiration and support when you need it most.  

Live Trading

Join our daily live social trading shows, where you learn & earn mirroring the trades of expert traders.
We guide you through every step of your trading every day.

[UPDATE] Affiliate Toolkit & Training

"Trading works best for those who don't need trading to work for them." [Anthony Howe]
Trading is way more mental than it is physical. It requires mastery of your emotions to achieve consistent success. On review of our students over the last 4 years, we discovered that the leading hinderance for most in achieving emotional mastery is 'little capital'. This causes the trader to seek results out of desperation, clouding the logic that's required for long-term success.
It is because of this why we have designed an Affiliate Toolkit & Training to help Traders develop multiple income streams, uniting with us and our various trusted partners that provide elite services aligned with our community's activities & values.


Busy Mum? Working multiple jobs? Juggling various responsibilitie? Studying? Working late shifts? Full-time Carer?...

Our Strategy & Trade Alert Bot has been designed and tweaked to identify opportunities that will give us Profits in Minutes.
Our Time-Based Trading style even allows you to chose how long you want to be in the trade for! We typically take trades for 5 or 15 minutes.
The more rewarding style of Distance-Based Trading offers trades that tend to complete in as little as 15 minutes to no more than 3 Hours. However, with both styles you have the option to simply enter the trade, set your risk limit and profit target, and continue about your day, with a high probability of it hitting profit.

If not this, then what? If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

I  had of heard of trading multiple times before my friend recommended it to me 6 years ago. BUT... this time I listened.

The Travel & Tourism company I was an Ambassador for had sent me on multiple luxury experiences around the world, stopping at 5-Star resorts and walking on beaches with pink sand. My life looked good on screen...but it was not so good on paper. I was struggling to meet the financial demands of my real world responsibilities.

The arrival of my third child in 2017, and the soon after bankruptcy of the travel company I represented, increased the pressure on me even more. I needed an income! ...In an ideal word, considering my circumstances and aspirations for my family, I desired a way to earn that came with flexible hours, the ability to work from anywhere and without the need to compromise my character / beliefs.
...Maybe I was asking too much.
However, from listening to what my friend had to say, I realised that Forex Trading was the answer to my prayer.

I fought through the initial doubt and fear in my mind, connected to those with success and decided to go all in. With very little starting capital (£220), a willingness to learn and an abundance of time, I committed to studying the industry & craft  of forex trading. I made multiple mistakes and lost it all in numerous accounts to reach where I am today. I perfected my methods and strategy to finance the retirement of my Parents & my Wife, the homeschooling of my 2 little children (yep! We created time for another one. Lol) and become a 7-Figure Fund Manager.

Now as the father of a blended family of 5 children, my sight is fixed firmly on legacy. This legacy will be established not on my success but on my Successors. I'm talking about YOU!

So, for the first time in my 6 year trading career, I am formerly bringing together the system that I have used to help hundreds around Let me show you how you too can leverage the largest financial market in the world to build your own ecosystem to finance your responsibilities, time to do what you want, travel and your God-given purpose.

Let's grow!

Anthony Howe
[Founder & Lead Master Trader]

Our exclusive strategy, software and support community has helped me and my students to

stop gambling and identifying high probability opportunities instead

eradicate the constant fear of entering a trade to becoming so confident that we share the opportunity with others

see our setbacks as setups and our losses as lessons

decrease the frequency and size of our losses and increase the frequency and size of our profits

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